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Basic + Advanced Facebook Marketing Training in Bangladesh






Why you Should Learn Facebook Marketing?

In this age of information technology, Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. According to a 2016 survey, Facebook has 1.6 billion monthly active users. About 17 million local business pages have been created on Facebook.42% of businessmen think that Facebook is the most powerful missile of their business.

Why you should Learn Facebook Marketing?

So, you can understand, how important is this platform for branding or promotion of a company?

In 2020, if you are not proficient in Facebook marketing, you will never succeed in your business. One good Facebook marketing strategy will give your business outstanding results.

There are still many companies that do not focus on Facebook marketing. As a result, they can’t move their business forward. There are very few companies that work with Facebook marketing. But due to proper guidelines, they do not get good results from Facebook marketing. Digital Marketing Farm Can Help You Take Your Facebook Marketing To The Next Level With our Facebook Marketing Course.

Here are some of the Reasons you can do by learning Facebook marketing from us.

✅ There is no substitute for Facebook marketing skills to get your own business success. You will be able to achieve more sales and Success by promoting any of your products and businesses through Facebook.

✅ There is a lot of demand for Facebook marketing in our country as well as abroad. So it will put you ahead in terms of getting a job.

You can earn a good amount of money by marketing videos on Facebook like YouTube.

✅ There is a lot of demand for Facebook marketing in foreign countries. You can earn a good amount of money by freelancing.

Facebook marketing is very important for those who want to reach their target customers and generate more sales at local places and abroad.

If you want, you can check out our Advanced SEO and Digital Marketing Course Outlines.

Why we are The Best Facebook Marketing Training Center in Dhaka, Bangladesh?

Digital Marketing Farm is one of the largest Facebook Marketing Training Center in Bangladesh and Digital Marketing Training Center in Bangladesh. We take classes with the most experienced teachers who have been working successfully for many years in local and freelancing marketplaces.

At present we have many Digital Marketing and Facebook Marketing Training Centers in Bangladesh. Many of them provide quality training to the students and one of them is Digital Marketing Farm. Our main goal is to provide quality training to the students.

Many of our students are working in local marketplaces and freelancing marketplaces at very handsome salaries. We trained our students in such a way, that if they do not get a job in the freelancing marketplaces, they can get a job in the local marketplaces with handsome salaries.

If you are looking for the Best Facebook Marketing training center in Bangladesh. Digital Marketing Farm is the best choice for you.

If you want, you can download this Facebook Marketing E-book. Every topic of Facebook marketing has been discussed in this book which is mentioned in our course outline.


Basic + Advanced Facebook Marketing Training Course Content [Updated 2020]

Training Part-1:

▪ What is Facebook, how it works and the latest trends on Facebook?
▪ The differences between profiles, pages, groups, and events
▪ Implementing best practices on your page
▪ Why Use Facebook Ads?
▪ Facebook Marketing Trends.
▪ Facebook’s other pages analysis.

Training Part-2:

▪ Creating a Facebook page for your business.
▪ Customizing tabs with applications to set up your page
▪ Auto message set up
▪ How to create FB shop
▪ How to create Product Catalogue In Facebook
▪ How to use Canva for and editing cover and logo
▪ How to connect Instagram and YouTube on page
▪ Understanding the new Creator studio dashboard.
▪ How to Collect leads from facebook.

Training Part-3

▪ How to create a FB group and connect to the page.
▪ Creating powerful posts that engage your fans
▪ Understanding the difference between traffic, conversion, and engagement
▪ How to get more page followers organically.
▪ How to use Canva for design post.
▪ What is Facebook 20 % Text Rule
▪ How to create a Business manager.
▪ How to create an ads manager
▪ Ads manager Rules
▪ How to add payment method in your page.
▪ Understanding the FB payment system.
▪ Hashtag proper use.

Training Part-4

▪ Type of Facebook ads
▪ Facebook campaign Structure Explained
▪ What is Facebook Ad Auction
▪ What is A/B Testing?
▪ How to Find Your Target Audience for a Facebook ad
▪ How To Automate Facebook Ads
▪ How to Target your Competitors Fans on Facebook?
▪ How to get access to other’s Facebook ad account to run ads?
▪ Facebook Ads Campaign Budget Optimization
▪ Understand the Difference between Clicks, Link Clicks, Outbound Clicks, and Landing Page Views
▪ How to Split Test Facebook Ads

Training Part-5

▪ Facebook Brand Awareness & Reach Ads
▪ How to research ads audience.
▪ How to Create Video Views Ads on Facebook
▪ How to Run Facebook App Install Ads
▪ How to Run Facebook Page Likes Ads
▪ How to Boost any Facebook Pages.

Training Part-6

▪ What is Facebook Pixel and How to install it?
▪ Facebook Ecommerce Conversion Events
▪ How to Create Facebook Website Traffic Ad
▪ Facebook Lead Generation ad
▪ Facebook Lookalike Audience Explained
▪ Facebook Custom Conversion Explained
▪ How to Create Facebook Remarketing Ads
▪ Facebook Website Conversion Ads
▪ UTM Parameter Explained PLUS How to use it with FB Ads
How to export Report

Training Part-6

▪ What is Facebook video marketing and career?
▪ How to create a page for video marketing.
▪ Video Marketing Ideas
▪ How to Create Video
▪ How to upload a video
▪ How to create a thumbnail

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Marketing is a very tricky thing. You can never succeed without Proper Facebook marketing skills. Our expert Trainers know all the tricks and techniques of Facebook marketing. No matter how much we teach you, you can never be successful in this sector if you do not work on your own.