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Advanced SEO + Digital Marketing Training in Bangladesh






Why We are The Best Digital Marketing Training Center in Dhaka Bangladesh?

Digital Marketing Farm is one of the largest digital marketing training center in Bangladesh run by supportive teachers.Nowadays there are so many digital marketing Training center established in Bangladesh. Everyone wants the opening of the SEO and Digital Marketing Training center . But I am very concerned about their Training quality.But there are many good training center in Bangladesh in the meantime who provide quality services. Digital marketing farm they have been providing SEO and Digital Marketing training for a long time in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Our Primary goal is to guide the students on how they get jobs from online marketplaces. There are many people who do not get jobs online, so they leave the online world. Our main goal If you do not get any job online We will build you in such a way that you get jobs in the local markets. Digital Marketing Farm is the most trustable real online outsourcing training center in Bangladesh. We already trained more than 50 students in the last years (From 2018).Our Successful students are enough to earn money at least 10,000 – 20,000 taka per month in local and online marketplaces.

If you are looking for the Best Digital Marketing training center in Bangladesh to earn money from different online market and local markets.Digital Marketing Farm is the best choice for you.

Take a look at our study outline before joining our Digital marketing course. We will present all the updated and methods of Digital marketing and SEO. We promise to deliver the Best Digital marketing and SEO training in Bangladesh with 100% dedicated support.


Advance SEO + Digital Marketing Training Course Content [Updated 2021]

Training Part-1: Introduction to Search Engine & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

▪ What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
▪ Search Engine functionally.
▪ Basic Search operators.
▪ Why does my website need SEO?
▪ Career with SEO 2020
▪ How Google ranks a website?
▪ Google Ranking Factors
▪ Google Algorithm Basics
▪ What is a White hat and Black hat SEO?
▪ What is a difference between crawling and Indexing?
▪ Organic SEO VS Paid SEO?
▪ What is Bounce Rate?

Training Part-2: Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis

▪ What is Keyword research?
▪ Importance of Keyword research.
▪ Keyword Types.
▪ Keyword research ideas & tips.
▪ Using Keyword Planner
▪ Google Trends & necessary tools for keyword research.
▪ How To Use Soovle For Keyword Research
▪ How to Do Keyword Research With UberSuggest
▪ Effective Method to Find Long Tail Keywords
▪ Researching LSI keywords
▪ Finding Informative keyword / Product Keyword/ Review Keyword/ Buying Keyword
▪ Commercial Intent – A Crucial Factor for Keyword Research
▪ Estimated Earning Calculation.
▪ How to select a niche keyword?
▪ Affiliate keyword research.
▪ Final Keyword research and selection.
▪ Competitor Analysis ideas & tips.
▪ Identifying and building your initial process.
▪ Using Competitor Analysis tools.
▪ Competitor Backlink Analysis.
▪ Competitor’s Ranking Forecasting.
▪ Analyzing competitor’s strength & weak points.
▪ How to Analyze Competitors On-Page SEO Factors
▪ Detailed Site Analysis and discusses different parameters.
▪ Website Audit and discusses different parameters.

Training Part-3: Domain Research and Wordpress Necessary Training- Full Website Buildup

▪ What is Domain and hosting?
▪ How to find best domian for your niche?
▪ Creating Pages and Posts
▪ How to set up Contact and About Page
▪ Publishing and scheduling posts
▪ Working with images
▪ How to Add Categories
▪ How to add a new menu tab on WordPress?
▪ How to Add a Favicon to your Site
▪ WordPress Security
▪ How to Backup & Restore WordPress Sites
▪ Easy Ways To Speed Up WordPress
▪ Responsive Layouts

Training Part-4: Content/Article Writing

▪ Content research & Ideas.
▪ Content planning.
▪ Different types of content creation.
▪ SEO friendly Content Writing Process
▪ Grammar Tools.
▪ Article Scoring.
▪ Resource Collection.
▪ Content Marketing.
▪ Ways of earning using article writing.

Training Part-5: Top On-Page Optimization Strategies

▪ SEO friendly website layout and design
▪ SEO Yoast Plugin Configuration Process Title optimization
▪ How to Write Title Tag For SEO
▪ Using Modifiers in the Title Tag to Rank long tail Keywords
▪ How to Optimize Header Tags for Good SEO
▪ Using LSI Keywords in Your Content
▪ Using Multimedia for SEO
▪ Why You Must Use Long Form Content for SEO
▪ How to Use Internal Linking Strategy to Get Ranking Boost
▪ Understanding Keyword Prominence
▪ Understanding Outbound Links
▪ Meta keyword
▪ Meta description
▪ How to Optimize Header Tags for Good SEO
▪ Canonicalization and the Canonical Tag
▪ Understanding Breadcrumbs
▪ SEO friendly permalinks setup
▪ Image Files, Sizes & alt Tags optimization
▪ Page loading speed
▪ Understanding the Bounce Rate of a website
▪ How to Decrease the Bounce Rate
▪ Dwell Time: What You Need to Know about SEO
▪ Html status codes error and redirection process
▪ Using Social Sharing Buttons for User Engagement
▪ Ways of earning using article writing.

Training Part-6: Beginner's Guide to Google Search Console- Webmaster Tool

▪ How to Add a Web Property to new Google Search Console Account
▪ How to Add a New User to Google Search Console Account
▪ Explaining Search Appearance on Google Search Console
▪ Understanding HTML Improvements Report on Search Console
▪ How to Use the Search Analytics Report in Google Search Console
▪ Explaining Links to Your Sites Report in Google Search Console
▪ Finding Index Status of Your website in Google Search Console
▪ Understanding the Crawl Errors report in Google Search Console
▪ Understanding The Fetch as Google tool in Google Search Console
▪ How to remove URLs from google index
▪ Understanding the robots.txt Format and creation
▪ XML sitemap creation
▪ Detect Bad Backlinks And Removal Process through Webmaster
▪ Google Analytics Setup and Website Traffic Monitoring
▪ Bing Webmaster verification

Training Part-7: Off-Page SEO: Link Building / Link Earning

▪ Understand Off-Page SEO
▪ What is Backlink/Link Building
▪ What is Internal and external link
▪ No-Follow / Do-Follow.
▪ Best Anchor Text Distribution for SEO
▪ The concept of Link Juice
▪ Blog Commenting
▪ How to Find Blogs for Commenting Using
▪ Google Alerts
▪ Using Google Alerts for Monitoring SEO Activities
▪ Forum Posting / Contextual link building
▪ How to Earn a Backlink from Wikipedia
▪ How to Get Backlinks from.Edu and.Gov
▪ Using Quora to Drive Targeted Traffic to your website
▪ RSS submission
▪ Directory Submission/Social Bookmarking
▪ Guest Posting
▪ Web 2.0 ster verification

Training Part-8: Off-Page SEO: Link Building / Link Earning

▪ Profile Backlink.
▪ Social bookmarking.
▪ Directory submission.
▪ Guest blogging backlink.
▪ Question answer backlink.
▪ Understanding the Skyscraper Technique to
▪ Earn Quality Backlinks & Traffic
▪ Understanding Broken Link Building: White
▪ Hat SEO Technique
▪ How to Use Unlinked Brand Mentions for Link Acquisition
▪ How to Use Memes to Increase Your Website Traffic
▪ Proven Step-By-Step Blueprint for Developing
▪ Viral Infographics
▪ How to Reserve Your Brand on the Internet
▪ Using Rating & Review Sites to Boost
▪ Local Search Traffic
▪ How to Earn Backlink Using Link Roundups
▪ Resources page link building
▪ Documents/PDF/Slide Sharing
▪ Private Blog Networking Process (PBN)
▪ 404/Broken Link Identify and Solve

Training Part-9: Social Media Marketing Roadmap

▪ Using social media websites for reputation management
▪ Building a responsive audience in Social Media
▪ Facebook Marketing Strategy
▪ Facebook Paid Advertising Guideline
▪ Twitter Marketing Guideline
▪ Beginner’s Guide to Pinterest to Drive Niche related Traffic
▪ Joining Pinterest as a Business
▪ Introducing to Google My Business
▪ Creating marketing contents for Social Media
▪ Active Keyword marketing through SMM
▪ Video Marketing through video sharing site.
▪ Youtube video Marketing and monetizing
▪ Facebook video Marketing and monetizing
▪ Image Marketing through Image Sharing Site
▪ How to Drive Traffic with Instagram
▪ How to Use Reddit to Drive Viral Traffic.
▪ Discuss Different kind of social media platform.

Training Part-10: Freelancing Guide: Fiverr/ /

▪ Creating an Account
▪ Updating Upwork Profile (Different Category)
▪ Upwork Readiness Test
▪ Different Type of Test
▪ Writing Effective Cover Letter on Upwork
▪ How to Bid an Hourly Price Project
▪ How to Bid a Fixed Price Project
▪ How to Use upwork Team Software
▪ Adding portfolio projects in Upwork profile
▪ How to communicate with clients
▪ How to make reports after finishing a project
▪ Secret tips for getting more jobs from a new
▪ Upwork account.
▪ Upwork.Com/ per hour rules and regulations
▪ How to Apply Mastercard (Payoneer)
▪ Getting Payoneer Card Safely
▪ How to Activate Your Mastercard
▪ How to add the bank account in Upwork

Training Part-11: Support and Live Projects

▪ Internship during practical session and qualifing exams.
▪ Lifetime support via facebook sceret group,face 2 face meeting.
▪ Live project compatible with market-place.

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SEO or Digital marketing work is very tricky. Our expert Trainers knows all the tricks and techniques of SEO and they teach 100% of the students. To be a Digital Marketing Expert, you need to know about each and every part of SEO and Digital Marketing arena. Always remember a word that you will be successful when you try yourself a lot and a lot.